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We have kept these little treasures exclusively for our customers who visit the shop, but now we want to share it with everyone.

Click on the icon and get lost in the beautiful world of Native American Jewellery Art. 

Scorpion Ear Wrap Bronze

Scorpion Ear Wrap Bronze£85.00

Balerion Dragon Pendant

Balerion Dragon Pendant£185.00

Pegasus Pendant Silver

Pegasus Pendant Silver£70.00

Unicorn Pendant

Unicorn Pendant£55.00

Michael Kors KM5774

Michael Kors KM5774£229.00   £171.75

Michael Kors MK5020

Michael Kors MK5020£206.00   £156.75

Michael Kors MK5055

Michael Kors MK5055£229.00   £171.75

Michael Kors MK5128

Michael Kors MK5128£229.00   £171.75

Michael Kors MK5263

Michael Kors MK5263£259.00   £194.25

Michael Kors MK5353

Michael Kors MK5353£209.00   £156.75

Michael Kors MK5555

Michael Kors MK5555£229.00   £171.75

Michael Kors MK5569

Michael Kors MK5569£229.00   £171.75

Whitby Jet Spider Pendant

Whitby Jet Spider Pendant£998.00