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Marty's Bronze

All of these items are cast in solid antique bronze.

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Angel Cat Climber

Angel Cat Climber£35.00



Balerion Dragon Wrap

Balerion Dragon Wrap£95.00

Bat EarCuff

Bat EarCuff£20.00

Cat Climber

Cat Climber£35.00

Chevron Dragon

Chevron Dragon£20.00

Classic Dragon Wrap

Classic Dragon Wrap£65.00

Cobra Wrap

Cobra Wrap£65.00

Comet Climber

Comet Climber£35.00

Curious Frog

Curious Frog£55.00

Dragon Climber

Dragon Climber£35.00

Dragon Sentry

Dragon Sentry£80.00

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Page 1 of 4:    37 Items