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Marty's Ear Adornment

All designs are handcrafted in Sterling Silver.

For bronze please click here.

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Angel Kitty

Angel Kitty£65.00

Balerion Dragon Wrap

Balerion Dragon Wrap£220.00

Cat Climber

Cat Climber£69.00

Chevron Dragon Earcuff

Chevron Dragon Earcuff£38.00

Classic Dragon Wrap

Classic Dragon Wrap£145.00

Cobra Earwrap

Cobra Earwrap£130.00

Cobweb Earcuff

Cobweb Earcuff£42.00

Comet Climber

Comet Climber£65.00

Curious Frog

Curious Frog£120.00

Daisy Cuff

Daisy Cuff£38.00

Dolphin Wrap

Dolphin Wrap£130.00

Dragon Climber

Dragon Climber£69.00

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Page 1 of 4:    39 Items