Metal Allergies

All of our Earspiral tm Earrings are  fabulous if you have sensitive ears. 

Several of our customers areallergic to nickel and have sensitive ears. They have been totally surprisedthey have found that they can wear 14K Gold-filled or Sterling SilverEarspirals tm and Sterling Silver EarCharms and 24K Gold Vermeil! 
For the people who areextremely sensitive to all metals, Niobium (similar to titanium) Earspiral tmEarrings are absolutely terrific. It is a totally pure metal, contains noalloys and is so pure it is used for implants in the body when surgical steelcannot be used. 
Some people who are sensitiveto nickel are also sensitive to cadmium and zinc, which is sometimes used in14K gold to harden it. There is definitely no nickel in Harry Mason Earspiralstm Earrings.