ASTRA - Everyone has a Story

ASTRA began on a clear New Zealand summers night. When four young energetic friends spent an evening under the stars. Staring up at the Milky Way and admiring the stars like glittering fireworks, they believed that each twinkling star told a beautiful love story. They dreamed of catching the the sparkle of the stars for someone they loved . . .

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Anchor the Soul

Anchor the Soul£90.00

Anchor the Soul Earrings

Anchor the Soul Earrings£80.00

Be Mine

Be Mine£90.00

Be mine Earring

Be mine Earring£80.00

Bird Song

Bird Song£90.00

Birdsong Earrings

Birdsong Earrings£80.00





Constellation Earrings

Constellation Earrings£80.00

Do What You Love

Do What You Love£90.00

Do What You Love

Double Heart

Double Heart£90.00

Double Heart Earrings

Double Heart Earrings£80.00

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