How TO wear an Earcuff

1 CommentSunday, 20 July 2014  |  Deb

How TO wear an EarCuff      

After reading an article entitled 'How NOT to wear an earcuff' published last year, it was made out like EarCuffs were only for the outrageous and those wishing to make a bold statement at an event. Our EarCuffs are for the Special You.

There are several points I would like to make, with the first one being this....If you want to wear an EarCuff, do so with pride and enjoyment. With a vast selection, ranging from our simple Band EarCuff to a full ear dragon, there is something for everyone, depending on your style. 

One of the points made in the article in question was. "EarCuffs are for the rebellious". Our EarCuffs are designed by a lady who couldn't have her ears pierced but wanted to wear earrings. She designed the EarCuff to come down the earlobe to decorate the ear but also be comfortable to the wearer. If you have ever tried a Clip-On you will know that they can cause pressure and pain on the earlobe, as well as sometimes pulling the earlobe down. Our wonderful EarCharms wrap around the side of the ear and then come down over the lobe, creating a totally unique look but are also extremely comfortable to wear. 

The Earcuff is something that you can wear at anytime with anything. You just choose one to suit your style and wear it with pride. 


There was also a comment in the article regarding full ear pieces. The ones that most celebrities are wearing and have been wearing have been made specifically to their ears. So yes, when the point was made about how they may be too big for some people, we totally agree. Every ear is different. The beauty about our full ear pieces is that we offer a complete range, varying from hearts and stars to larger bats and dragons. Our knowledge and expertise will help you find one that will suit your needs and also look good on the ear. We are able to shape the EarCuff to your ear so that you know it is secure. Again, every ear is different. 

So before you disregard EarCuffs and say that they don't work, come and give ours a try. We are based in Keswick in the Lake District. Come and visit us in our shop. If you also check our forthcoming events, we do travel around the country, bringing these fantastic products to you. Even have a browse on our website. No purchase necessary but please give them a go and you will soon see how an EarCuff can work for you!

Jan Horn
Thursday, 28 November 2019  |  14:21

Just logged on to find a manufacturer for ear cuff without a piercing needed.Love the dragon - can you send me brochure, prices, how to buy, please. Jan.